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Testing & Certification

One provider, one rate, one consistent result

Why We Serve:

Larch Hill Laboratory exists to ensure Equine Infectious Anemia testing is accurate, secure and uncomplicated We take pride in knowing the status of every test that passes through our laboratory and operate with consistency and reliability. We enjoy strengthening the relationships you have with your clients by providing results quickly.

Who We Serve:

Certified Level II Veterinarians and Staff Member – Level II accredited veterinarians submit the samples we process in our laboratory using e-tech services. Veterinarians have access to results; information is not provided to horse owners, racetracks, or any unauthorized individuals unless we receive written consent from veterinarians.

Large Practices and Single Practitioners – We began our business providing services to individual practitioners in upstate New York. Over the last 18 years we expanded our business to include many multi-doctor practices throughout the United States.

How We Serve:

e-Tech Services by Larch Hill Laboratory – E-Tech Services is a certificate-producing software owned by Larch Hill which runs in our laboratory. This software allows us to be one of the only laboratories in the country where you can get testing completed with accompanying certificate in one location for an all-inclusive price. There are no hidden fees, upcharges, or subscriptions; one flat rate and accurate results.

2-hour Elisa EIA Coggins Testing – Our lab provides same-day test results, offering results in 2 hours from the time we receive the sample, including emailing your certificate.

24-hour AGID EIA Coggins Testing – We also offer a 24 hour test that provides results and a certificate on the next business day.

Digital Coggins Certificate and Certified Veterinary Inspection with eSignature – Each Certificate that is produced in e-Tech Services has the option to be automatically signed by the doctor, which can be downloaded and distributed through email.

Digital E-filed Coggins with USDA VSPS – If you would rather use the USDA VSPS system to produce your Coggins certificate, Larch Hill Laboratory is able to accommodate this request. E-Tech Services allows you to import all of your old EIA forms to capture pictures and all-important information, so you do not need to re-enter previous information.

Doctor Federal Accreditation Check – Larch Hill Laboratory checks your accreditation daily notifying you when your accreditation needs to be renewed.

Five Copy Traditional – We also accommodate five-copy traditional Coggins paperwork and will email a scanned copy upon request. Please note that this request may take a bit longer.

When We Serve:

24/6 Availability – Larch Hill Laboratory is here twenty-four hours a day, six days a week. We provide free technology help, Coggins questions and general inquiries via phone, email or chat.Please reach out to us if you have questions about results, corrections or holiday hours. Our general rule is: "If you can get it here, we will run it."